Heart Vs. Mind

Heart Versus Mind: Emotional Addiction


Being torn between whether to follow the heart or to follow mind can become one of the most overwhelming feelings that someone can experience. Suppose your heart feels that you should make a certain decision, but your mind opposes it.  Which do you follow, your heart or your mind? What if you had already made a decision based on what you thought was right, but your heart decide to relapse? Understanding both the heart and mind is an important factor when making decisions. Lets discuss how we can follow both our hearts and minds when assessing different relationships.

All relationships (whether its with a friend or partner) are complicated structures that require an investment of time, emotion, and dedication of some sort. There are often times that people decide to take a break from the relationship, or activities so that they can have sometime to work on themselves. Taking a break away from the mass of things is fine; however, the problem occurs when your heart does not feel that a break is needed. The heart is what drives most of our emotional actions, and forces us to make decisions weather its good or bad. The heart forces our emotional and sometimes physical self to become addicts for love and lust. We as humans tend to develop an addiction for anything that will give us a high. This addiction causes many people to relapse back into situations that are not always good. Relapsing is a term suggesting going back, and suffering deterioration after a period of improvement. Therefore, by saying that one relapsed implies that they are returning to a situation without permanent change or growth. Going back into a relationship and allowing the same problems, pain, and negativities occur is an example of relapsing. There has to be change.

Is it wrong to go back into a relationship that ended? Every situation will have a different answer, because every situation is different. We cannot control what, or who our heart wants, but we can control how we handle different situations. When we are torn between listening to our hearts and listening to our minds, we should take the time to understand them both. We should follow our hearts logically. For example, there have been many times that I had relapsed back to the love drug. Without change and growth, I would go back into situations allowing the mistakes to constantly repeat itself. The problem was that I constantly failed to reflect and assess the situation, by mentally acknowledging the mistakes that were occurring. By following your heart logically, you are entering a situation knowing that things need to change, and plans should to be set to make things work. If there is an understanding of change and growth relapsing will not occur, instead reconstructing will take place. Reconstruction implies that there is still some energy to put towards the relationship, however there will be changes to make it work. If there are healthy changes, then there will be no deterioration and no wasted time. It is important to remember that thinking logically also means that you have to understand that sometimes, the things that the heart wants is not always the right thing to do!

So in summary:

1. Acknowledge the addiction and its source.
2. Figure if the addiction is worth pursuing again.
3. Reflect on what went wrong and if there need to be changes
4. Listen to your heart but apply your logic to the situation.

5. Reconstruct the relationship and do not let it become a relapse.

(Retro Rewind are posts that were posted on a previous blog site. This post was created in 2012)

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